Q: I've never had my own domain name. What does it involve?
Domains are controlled by Internic in the USA and CIRA in Canada, plus other registrars around the world. Depending on your choice of domain CHECK IT'S AVAILABILITY, we will register it in your name for you. You then use this domain to host your web site with GoClic.com, and it will feature in your email addresses. We register all domains in our client's name - it is your domain. We will solely be responsible for the technical side and only if you wish so.

Q: How quick can this be set up?
Within one hour in most cases. Domain registrations are made immediately, but propagation around the Internet usually takes up to 48 hours for .coms and other international domains. Domain transfers are often out of our control and we have to depend on the efficiency of other hosting companies. Should your web host refuse to release your domain or is taking too long to respond, we will contact the naming authority on your behalf to initiate the transfer.

Q: When do I pay?
Your first payment is due on set-up to Webclic., plus any domain fees, then on this day each month thereafter (for those paying every 6 months). For those paying by year, you will be contacted for a repeat payment one year from account set-up.

Q: What are the costs of domain names?
You will find all informations about thats in the packages section.

Q: What to I do for technical support?
You cancontact the technical support team of Webclic. One of our technicians will help you.

Q: What are (POP3) mailboxes?
Webclic. offers real POP3 mailboxes with any hosting account. In effect, this lets all your employees have their own mailbox on each computer, not confined to one location, but spread across many if required.

You will also have the option of using unlimited alliases and autoresponders with your own personal message, and unlimited redirections.

Q: How do I upload my web pages to Webclic. servers?
You are given FTP access details - this, in effect, is your backdoor to the server where you can place your web pages and graphics. It’s very simple and you can make changes whenever you like, 24 hours a day.

Q: Can I use the extra facilities that Frontpage offers?
Yes! we can install Frontpage 2000 extensions into your web space. This will allow your machine to interact with the server and enable in-built routines to run such as page counters and forms. Users that want Frontpage extensions installing should contact Webclic. by e-mail. This is part of the package and you will not be charged extra

Q: Can I run scripts on the server?
Yes we provide you with a CGI Bin where you can execute your own scripts. If you’re interested in what kind of scripts are available, take a look at: www.cgi-ressources.com

Q: I also use ASP and PHP. Can I use these on your servers?
Yes, ASP and PHP are used by many of our costumers.

Q: Should I ever need to move away from Webclic., will I be expected to pay anything and am I tied into a contract?
All we ask is that you give us 30 days notice, after which we will close your account and not take any more payments. We will also release any domains as and when you wish, you own the domain.

Q: I want to join Webclic. sevices. What do I do next?
It’s very simple. Click "ORDER NOW" in the (SILVER, GOLD or PLATINUM) packages and you'll see the order form. Fill in the details we need to set up the account for you and press ‘Transmit’. You will be supplied with full information by email. Once your account is running, you will have the option of setting up your email accounts on the Webclic. web control panel.

Click "ORDER NOW" and join the other businesses enjoying fast, reliable and feature packed web hosting with Webclic. It only takes a couple of minutes to open an account. Or you can also contact or sales department between7 am and 10:00 pm monday to sunday, at (514) 229-CLIC (2542).

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