Webclic. was created out of both the desire and need of it's founders to offer and share a stable, dependable as well as affordable Web hosting solution. From it's first clients dating back to 1999 up to the most recent signings, we strive to offer the most complete package of affordable Web Hosting solutions for todays' small business as well as multinational corporations. Webclic. proficient in Web hosting allows the company to provide robust, high-quality, and expandable service platforms to meet customers Internet needs. Webclic. intends to further enhance the value of these platforms by developing internally as well as through strategic vendor relationships, enhanced-value product and service offerings to continue to address ever-changing customer demands.

Company Services and outlook

While basic web hosting constitutes the predominant service offered by Webclic.. Today businesses are increasingly looking for enhanced-value products and services that allow them to further leverage the power of the Internet to expand markets, increase productivity, and reduce costs. Our existing customer base and strong, balanced position in the Web hosting service platforms gives Webclic. a competitive edge in offering these services, which include:

- Application hosting
- E-commerce
- Domain Name transfert
- E-commerce solution
- Data center
- Dedicated hosting
- Server co-location
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